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Brackets Used at Eraso Orthodontics – Part 1

The Benefits of Self-Ligating Brackets in Orthodontic Treatment

When it comes to moving teeth, you want treatment that is as short and comfortable as possible. Dr. Eraso chooses effective products to provide the best patient experience possible. The best way to achieve that is to opt for the latest products. The SLX 3D system is specifically designed to improve patient comfort and optimize teeth movement to ensure more accurate and faster results.

Dr. Eraso uses only the best, most comfortable, and innovative products to help his patients achieve a beautiful smile. He performs consultations to determine the best individual treatment plan for each and every case.

Let’s take a look at why Dr. Eraso and his staff choose SLX 3D self-ligating brackets for their patients.

  1. SLX 3D self-ligating brackets offer predictable results.

These innovative brackets are designed to perfectly express the programmed torque and angulation. This allows for orthodontists to have more fine-tuned control over teeth movement and creates more predictable outcomes.

  1. SLX 3D self-ligating brackets come in different sizes to help with patient comfort.

Teeth do not come in one size. Some people have wide teeth, while others are much narrower. SLX self-ligating brackets are available in different sizes to help accommodate different teeth sizes and ensure they fit comfortably for each patient. Varying sizes also helps to ensure precision in teeth movement so that patients are receiving exactly the right bite correction.

  1. Contoured brackets make for easier placement and removal.

Orthodontic patients of the past may recount stories of an extremely uncomfortable removal process. Unlike brackets of the past, SLX self-ligating brackets are designed with a contoured surface to help with accurate placement and easy removal. Beveled edges also promote a cleaner removal process, lessening the need for uncomfortable cement cleanup.

  1. The EZ Twist system allows for greater control of teeth movement.

In order to move the teeth, brackets are held in place with a wire. With the EZ Twist system, wires can be placed and remove more efficiently to quickly alter the placement of teeth and with greater precision. This also promotes patient comfort and reduces the chances of abrasive wire rubbing against the inside of the mouth.

  1. SLX 3D self-ligating brackets are offered in clear ceramic.

Orthodontic patients no longer need to avoid bite corrections due to unsightly metal brackets. SLX 3D self-ligating brackets are available in clear ceramic so that patients can confidently achieve a beautiful smile. The matte finish reduces light diffusion which keeps reflection to a minimum, creating a more aesthetic smile.

The SLX 3D bracket system is an industry-leading solution for patients with bite issues and various other orthodontic issues. Used in conjunction with SLX aligners or the Motion Appliance,  this system provides optimal, individualized teeth movement. When you want the latest and best in orthodontics, Dr. Eraso and his staff are the perfect choice.

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