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Intraoral Scanning and 3D Printing in Dentistry

Innovations are opening up doors in dentistry and orthodontics. In the past, teeth movement was often seen as a grueling process, taking months to develop a treatment plan and years to actually affect an outcome. However, recent developments in intraoral scanning and 3D printing are providing more options and a better experience for dental patients.

Intraoral Scanning: Improving the Patient Experience

Intraoral scanners take pictures of the mouth with a much higher level of accuracy. Scanning is a quick and efficient process and provides a wealth of detail to orthodontists. In addition, intraoral scanners offer the following benefits:

  • Improved accuracy: Utilizing intraoral scanning, orthodontists can now see color visualizations and 3D images of the mouth which provide greater detail of teeth and the surrounding structures. The additional detail allows orthodontists to make more informed treatment plans, leading to better-fitting appliances.
  • Greater efficiency: The scanners capture thousands of frames per second, which allow for greater control of images. The quick capture of images also allows for improved patient communication as the images are immediately available for viewing by dentists and patients. Digital impressions also reduce the time needed for adjustments and re-fitting, allowing for quicker patient appointments and fewer office visits.
  • Better patient experience: Intraoral scanners make for a much more comfortable patient experience. Taking impressions can cause discomfort, gagging and it tends to create a gooey mess. Scanning is much quicker and allows patients to sit comfortably as the machine does its work

3D Printing: Providing Faster, More Accurate Results for Patients

3D printers are now being utilized by dentists and orthodontists to take control of patient treatment. In the past, appliances were created from impressions in third-party labs. With 3D printers, orthodontists can now create dental fixtures in office. This has the following benefits for patients:

  • Faster treatment: With 3D printers, appliances can be created by your orthodontist in office. Cutting out third-party labs means that treatment plans can be carried out without waiting months for an appliance to arrive. In addition, the appliances are created by the very person who is designing your treatment so that your orthodontist is in complete control of the outcome.
  • Better fit: Traditional impressions can distort, warp or get broken in shipping. 3D printers create appliances with a high degree of accuracy directly from digital images taken in office so that patients receive a better fit.
  • No change in appearance: 3D printers create clear aligners, moving teeth without needing heavy, uncomfortable metal appliances.
  • More affordable: Because 3D printers eliminate the need for expensive materials, shipping costs and lab fees, aligners can be created at a lower price, making dental care more affordable for patients.

Intraoral scanners and 3D printing are paving the way for a whole new era in dental treatment. Dr. Eraso uses revolutionary technology to treat patients comfortably, affordably and successfully. Make an appointment today to receive the latest in orthodontic treatment.

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