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The Many Benefits of SLX Aligners

Modern dentistry offers us so many options for a beautiful smile. Orthodontic methods of the past involved long treatment plans, invasive molds, and lots of metal hardware. Now, innovative orthodontists use cutting-edge technology to give their patients a better smile in less time and with the comfort of aligners.

More and more patients are seeking orthodontic treatment using aligners. Dr. Eraso uses the latest technology and SLX aligners to provide shorter, optimal, and well-planned orthodontic treatments for his patients. So, let us answer the three most relevant clinical questions when we are thinking about aligner treatments:

  1. How we use them?
  2. Why do our patients prefer SLX aligners?
  3. Most importantly, what are we getting from the SLX aligners ?

HOW: The combination of proper diagnostics, digital 3D information, and sometimes the use of the Sagittal First Approach allows us to provide optimal treatment plans and consistent results.

WHY: SLX aligners offer the following advantages for our patients:

  • No discoloration: Some aligners get tinged with unpleasant coloring over the course of treatment as patients consume food and drink with staining properties, such as coffee, tea, or soda. SLX aligners remain clear and bright throughout the course of treatment.
  • Precision fit: SLX aligners fit snug and comfortable on top of the teeth. Unlike other aligners that need attachments to fit correctly, SLX aligners do not require additional hardware to stay put.
  • Optimum trim heights: SLX aligners fit higher on teeth. The increased height allows for a better fit with no slippage. Having a better fit means improved comfort for patients and more control over the outcome of treatment—optimal fit without attachments.
  • Aesthetics: Most patients who have had to endure orthodontic correction with metal brackets will tell you that they would choose a clear aligner if given the option. SLX aligners allow patients to achieve correction to the teeth without having to drastically alter their appearance, leading to much happier patients!
  • Reduced treatment time: SLX aligners utilize an approach using Carriere Motion Appliances to address the most pressing concerns first. With this method, patients can expect a significant reduction in treatment time and get the smile they want faster. Also, because SLX aligners are created from 3D scans and photos that are uploaded via the web, patients receive their appliances much faster, helping to reduce the overall treatment time even more.
  • Treatment for many different conditions: In the early years of aligners, the clear appliances could only be used to treat a handful of conditions. Now, with SLX aligners, orthodontists can treat a number of dental issues, making aligners an option for more patients than ever before.
  • Less plastic waste: Due to the quality of SLX aligners, fewer appliances are required for overall treatment. This reduces the amount of plastic waste that will ultimately end up in a landfill. Choosing SLX aligners means appositive step for our planet.

WHAT: What patients are receiving from our treatments with the new SLX aligners is faster, more consistent and better aesthetic results…which leads to happy patients!!!!

Actual patient: SLX aligners – 10 weeks – So ready and happy for her senior pics!!!

Using SLX aligners allows patients to make the necessary corrections to their teeth without altering their appearance.

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