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Carriere Motion Appliance Offer Modern Aesthetics and Better, Faster Bite Correction

Modern orthodontics has made innovative strides over more traditional bracketed treatments. Instead of braces, we can now use aligners. Similarly, orthodontists now have an assortment of appliances available to them to help correct bite issues and profiles without invasive procedures.

Dr. Eraso is proud to offer the Carriere Motion Appliance to help treat patient bite issues and this is why.

Carriere Motion Appliance Patient Benefits

Carriere Motion appliances are a low-profile option for fixing bite issues. These devices also offer the following benefits for patients.

  • Easy to place: The Carrier Motion appliance consists of a sleek bar and is as easy to attach as a bracket. Inserting the bar in place is quick and painless for patients.
  • Reduced treatment time: Overall treatment time is simplified and reduced. Where traditional braces would have been used before, Carriere appliances help correct sagittal bite issues in the initial phases of the treatment. This puts what is historically known as the hardest part first. Once the bite is improved, braces or aligners can help quickly finish off any remaining treatment.
  • Improved aesthetics: Aligners are all the rage because treatment can be accomplished without bulky braces. Carriere appliances are only minimally visible during treatment with the use of intraoral elastics to correct jaw sagittal placement.
  • Better hygiene: Because the appliances are sleek, minimal devices, patients are better able to perform regular oral maintenance.
  • Reduced chair time: Most of the work is done gradually as patients use the elastic system. Additionally, because overall treatment time is reduced, less chair time is needed.
  • Immediate application: These appliances can be inserted immediately after the consultation, even on the same day. This leads to happier patients as they see immediate work being done without long waiting periods.

How Carriere Motion Appliances Work

Carrier Motion bars are designed to correct any problems with bite or mandibular lineup without pulling teeth or adding years to traditional braces treatment. These appliances use an approach known as “Sagittal First”.

Essentially, Sagittal First allows for treatment of bite issues upfront. During the course of this initial phase, teeth are moved as a unit until the bite aligns to where it is supposed to be. The bars provide a light uniform force on the necessary teeth. Combined with elastic bands and aligners, the bars gradually reposition the fit of canines and molars. The movement takes place a little each day which causes limited discomfort for patients and corrects the profile without invasive treatment.

Afterwards, it can be determined which form of treatment should follow based on patient compliance, hygiene, and treatment success factors.

Because some patients have more severe bite issues, Carriere motion appliances vary.

  • Class II: Class II Carriere Bars are used to correct midrange bite issues. A flexible bar uses a ball-and-socket system to allow for movement and flexible repositioning.
  • Class III:  Class III Carriere Bars can be used for more severe bite issues (e.g. underbites). The appliance is flexible and allows for unit movement without causing deformation.

Dr Eraso is a proud provider of Carriere Motion Appliances and  SLX aligners. Our appliances and comprehensive treatment plans make for faster treatment and happier patients. Call us today (317) 554 9950 and see how we can help give you the smile of your dreams!

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